Touch Typing Tutor

Welcome to our comprehensive and structured touch typing course. For all those who are looking to improve

their typing skills, you will find our course very helpful. Moreover, this is a free resource and we charge no fee. You can use this app in your schools, companies and organizations.

We have listed out the tutorials in order as follows. This is the recommended sequence of tutorials. You should adhere to this order especially if you are starting out.

If you are intermediate to advanced typist and would like to skip some chapters, you may do so.

Introduction to Touch Typing
How you should position your fingers
Safety and Ergonomic Rules

Lesson 1: The Home Row

Lesson 2: Keys E and I Lesson 3: Keys R and U Lesson 4: Keys T and O Lesson 5: Capital Letters and Period Lesson 6: Keys C and comma Lesson 7: Keys G H and apostrophe Lesson 8: Keys V N and question mark Lesson 9: Keys W and M Lesson 10: Keys Q and P Lesson 11: Keys B and Y Lesson 12: Keys Z and X