What Is Touch Typing?

"Touch typing" is a technique for typing quicker and more accurately with all ten fingers - without ever

having to look at the keyboard.

After completing our Typing Tutor Couse, you will know how to:

  • Type faster with all ten fingers
  • Type without errors
  • Type without looking at the keyboard
  • Improve your computing habits for better ergonomics

This means you will be able to type your documents and emails much faster with fewer errors -- saving you lots of time and making typing much more enjoyable.

How the Course is Structured
We have structured the course efficiently. The first lesson starts with the basic home row, asdf.... Each new keys/rows are introduced in the subsequent chapter.

Each lesson contains basic description about the keys that are being introduced. It also teaches you about which finger to use for a particular key and so on. We also make use of graphic diagrams so that you can learn which finger to use for a particular key quickly.

Every lesson contains enough exercises to master the keys introduced in that lesson. After an exercise is done, it shows immediately the results for that particular exercise. It shows the speed with which you have typed, errors you made and so on. Pay particular attention to accuracy; forget about speed when you are starting out. You have to improve accuracy first up. Speed will come eventually.

As always, you can take down our typing test so that you know how much progress you have made.

Next chapter talks about how you should position your fingers on the keyboard.