Paragraph Exercise Explanation

Paragraph exercises are different to key exercises that the hand symbol is not shown. It is a different way to

exercise than key exercise. Inorder to improve your typing skills, both key exercise and paragraph exercise are required. Paragraph drills offer you more of a challenge. The program ignores if you make a mistake. It lets you go forward without forcing you to correct the error.

You can use the Backspace key to correct mistakes in a word. If there is a mistake, the word is marked incorrect.

The reason for not letting you go back in the text to correct all mistakes is that we want you to concentrate on typing accurately and go forward without interrupting your typing. Also, learning to rely on the Backspace key can prevent you from typing your best later on.

In this exercise, you will also start using the Enter key. Enter is marked with symbol. Always use your right little finger to press Enter.