Understanding Results

Our program automatically calculates your typing results. For each exercise, you will get the following scores

of your typing skills:

  • Gross typing speed
  • Accuracy percentage
  • Net typing speed

We will briefly explain these terms.

Typing speed
Typing speed is usually measured in Words per Minute, WPM.

Words per Minute is calculated using Standard Word Length where five keystrokes, including spaces and punctuation, make one word.

For example, the four word sentence "She is watching television" counts as five standard words as it takes 26 keystrokes to type.

The five keystroke standard word is used in all typing tutors and typing tests to give comparable results.

Typing speed can also be measured in Keystrokes per Minute, KPM (also called Characters per Minute, CPM). Data entry speed is often measured in Keystrokes per Hour, KPH.

Gross and net speed
Gross speed is the number of keys typed converted into Words per Minute. It is a simple score showing how fast you were typing the keys. This is how fast you would type if you didn't make any mistakes.

Net speed is more interesting and useful as it gives your typing speed with errors calculated in the result.

Net speed can also be called Adjusted Typing Speed.

Usually, if a job opening has a typing speed requirement, it is for net typing speed, even if this is not specifically stated. Your typing speed after errors is what counts.

Accuracy is a score that represents the number of errors made.

Accuracy percentage is the ratio of keys typed correctly to all keys typed. The higher the percentage, the fewer errors you have made. 100% accuracy means that you did not make any mistakes.

Accuracy is calculated using the standard word length. For each word with an error you get a five keystroke penalty, regardless of the number of errors in the word. Accuracy percentage is always rounded down, for example 96.99 is rounded to 96%, not 97%.

To develop fluent typing, you should try to reach at least 90% accuracy at the end of each lesson.

Accuracy goals are 90% (easy), 94% (intermediary) and 98% (advanced).